Alex Gorischek

Technologist and product designer seeking to define the technology of tomorrow


Experience & Education

Textile Creative Studios, Technologist

2016 – Present

Gorischek Design, Owner

2015 – 2016

Microsoft, PM I & II

2010 – 2014

Rice University, Student

2006 – 2010

Select Projects


Pyxidi On-the-fly travel itinerary for iPhone. Responsible for concept, interaction design, and product management.


Illustrated website explaining etymology of common English words. Responsible for concept, research, design, illustration, and implementation.

Pulley Logic Gates

Implemented simple binary logic using pulleys and weights. Received 230K views on Vimeo, featured on Gizmodo, Sploid, and Mashable. Responsible for concept, implementation, and video production.

American Naturalist Publication

Lead author on publication in scientific journal. Demonstrated manipulation of host plant reproduction by a resident
fungus. Responsible for experiment design, data collection, and document drafting.